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With all the Internet deals, promotions, prices, specials etc., it is sometimes hard to know where to buy, and how to make sure that you get the best price for services and products you order on the Internet.

Therefore, we have accumulated a list of sites that Hevanet's members have found helpful. It is by no means comprehensive and we don't make any promises, but it may be a good starting point for when you go Internet shopping. If you would like to share your shopping experience, click here.

Here are some shopping links to get you started:

Autos - Buy a car!

Deals - Look for great deals.

Food - Go grocery Shopping

News/Finance - Do your finances online

Pets - Get a pet!

Stores - check out big box retails store online

Tickets - Get Concert Tickets.

Travel - Airplane/Hotel Reservations

USED - Buy used stuff.

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Need a reason to shop online? Why should you shop online? We'll give you five reasons:

Convenient: You don't have to walk, bike, drive, ride anywhere. You simply go on your computer which is open 24 hours day, everyday, even holidays.

Less Expensive: No sales commission and no fancy showroom to support, and more competition tend to drive prices down.

More options: There may only be one brand at your local strip mall, but you can find all the brands in the world online.

Better Educated: Instead of hunting down a sales person in the store that may have knowledge about your product, you can find tons of information on your computer screen.

Recommendations: Find advice, advantages, disadvantages. Other people have already done the research for you.

Happy Shopping!