Pesky Percentages

Pesky Percentages
This book is intended to be used with students between grades 4-8 who are learning to solve percentage problems. Parents and teachers can use the book to teach students how to think through math problems mentally.

Students (and adults) who are not typically good math students can understand how to break down percentage problems into simple terms. It is done in a poetic approach which can be read to students in one sitting or over a course of a few days.

During the course of one school week, students can learn how to solve percentage problems mentally and retain the information long term.

The problems in the back of the book may be reproduced and used in the classroom or at home to reinforce the skills learned. The basic approach of teaching this method is to understand the concrete concepts first and then move on to abstract concepts.

People who struggle in mathematics often try to understand abstract concepts before fully understanding concrete concepts. The approach in this book allows students to understand a normally abstract concept in a concrete way. Hopefully you will find this book and this approach as successful for your children as I have with mine.

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