Buy a car online

Shopping for a new car on the Internet is a great way to avoid all the negotiating headaches and hassles. Instead of going to the individual dealers, simply go to a car review sites like the one's listed below and find the car you want. Then, without giving too much information, request quote from all the dealers in your neighborhood. Then, pick the least expensive and negotiate from there.

provides pricing, reviews, ratings, and advice to help you get a fair price.

Kelly Blue Book
provides pricing for new cars, and is also a good place to find the value of your old clunker.

Cars Direct
get quotes, buy and sell your car. They guarantee the quote, so you could take the quote to a local dealer to see if they would beat it.

Gives you instant quotes on local certified dealer. Pretty good for the shopper that needs instant gratification.

Fuel Economy Calculator
Calculate your total gas cost per year based on Miles per Gallon (MPG), Gas price, and how many miles you drive.

Auto Loan Calculator
Are you thinking about financing your new car or truck? Find out what your monthly auto loan payments will be!

Window Sticker lookup
Use the VIN number to see the Window Sticker
Automobile Manufacturers
List of all Automobile Manufacturers with link to all their information

Calculate Tire Diameter
What does the numbers on the tires mean and how to you calculate tire diameter?

Track Ford Factory Car Orders
Use this information to track a Ford car or truck that your ordered.

Ford Raptor
The best off-road truck ever made is developed by Ford's Special Vehicle Team.

A Road Well Traveled
Tracing the history of the automobile, from the first prototypes to the super cars of today

Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang - an American Evolution. Fancy yourself owning this latest and greatest iteration of an American icon.

The Automobile and American Life
This is the story of how the essence of life in America changed because of the widespread adoption of the automobile.

BMW 760Li
BMWs 760Li is a $122,000 dream machine. With 435 horses under the hood, this sedan leaves creditors behind in a furious hurry, accelerating from 0 to 60 in less than six seconds. One glorious stab at the gas pedal launches the 760Li into velvety smooth orbit.

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