Free Phone Service
If you follow these seven steps below you will get a phone number and dial-tone at your home or office that you can use to dial locally and long distance all over the United States and Canada for no monthly cost whatsoever..

We assume that you have an Internet Connection, free port on your router, and a regular phone and money to buy a telephone adapter.

Step 1 - Buy a Obihai Telephone adapter.

Step 2 - Sign up for Gmail.

Step 3 - Use your Gmail account information to sign up for Google Voice to get a phone number.

Step 4 - In Google Voice, click on Settings and then Voice Settings and check Google Chat, then click on the Calls tab and check "turn off Call Screening" and make sure to save settings at bottom.

Step 5 - On the Obihai Telephone adapter, plug in the Power cord, ethernet cord to the router, and phone cord to your phone.

Step 6 - Pick up the phone and dial *** 1 and write down the IP address

Step 7 - Go to the Telephone Adapter setup page and enter the IP address you wrote down, your area code, and your Gmail address and password. Then Click on configure and when it asks you to login, type admin for both username and password.

It takes 30 seconds to reboot, and then you are all set. Happy Calling.

The service will not work without an Internet Connection. In Gmail you may have to make one phone call before using the Telephone Adapter. Don't be logged into Gmail or Google Voice when you are actually using Telephone Adaptor and phone. It may be a good idea to have a dedicated Gmail account for this purpose so it does not conflict with other stuff you do on Gmail.


Google Voice and Gmail is currently free. We do not know if Google will start charging for these services in the future. Please note that Google does currently charge for international calls.

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