The way people are getting movies is changing.

You may have noticed that more and more video rental stores are going away. Movie watchers across the country are slowly shifting from physically going to a movie store to instead having their movies downloaded or sent my mail.

Downloading Movies: The benefit is that you don't have to leave the house, but you still need to wait for the download and then figure out a way to connect your computer movie file to your TV to be able to watch it. This may be a good option if you have a way of connecting the computer and your television and don't rent a ton of movies. For more details, see: Movies on Demand

Movies by Mail : This is a favorite, because you can first make a list of movies you want to see online, then they will ship it to you in the order you specified. After you watched the movie, send it back, and they will send you the next one on your list.. Easy. It is affordable, and flexible. You can even exchange movies in the store if you are having a weekend movie marathon and can't wait for the mail. For more details, see: Get movies by mail

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