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We have been using eFax for a long time and it works great. It is very efficient and it has saved us a tremendous amount of time, money, toner and paper. recommends it strongly.

Receiving faxes: When someone sends you a fax using your fax number, the fax is converted into a pdf file and e-mailed to your e-mail address. You open your e-mail and can read the fax, print the fax and save the fax on your computer for the future.

Sending faxes: To send a fax, simply make your document using your favorite program such as Word, Excel, or Paintshop, and then e-mail the document to the recipient It is very simple.

eFax is affordable and a great alternative to the old fashioned fax machine. It eliminates the cost of a fax machine, fax phone line, fax toner, and paper. There are no long distance charges and no time spent on listening to dial tones, busy signals and squeeking tones. Get eFax today, and send and receive faxes from anywhere where you can get e-mail. ShoppingHevanet recommends efax so you can save money and be more efficient. You can find a 30 day free trial here

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