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DIAL-UP: Nationwide dial-up access with e-mail virus filter and spam blocking.

BROADBAND - highspeed DSL Internet Access. Always on, always connected. Available in most western States.

GLOBAL BUSINESS CARD - .TEL global business card enables you to store all kinds of contact information and lets people get in touch with you anyway you want from any device connected to the Internet. Now with E-mail.

DOMAIN/WEB SERVICE: Register your domain name, and use our dedicated domain server to keep your domain name active and ready to use for e-mail and webpage service.

PC CLEAN-UP/TUNE-UP SERVICE - Is your computer having problems? Running slow? Infected with a virus? Has your home page been hijacked and you get hundreds of pop-up ads? Does your Internet connection seem slow to bring up web pages? If so, bring it in to our Beaverton, Oregon office for a CLEANUP.

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