Have you heard all the talk about the mini Laptops these days? They are small sized laptop computers with most of the features of regular computers. We think they are very cool. Have you considered getting a new computer? Check out these reasons for getting a mini Laptop:

Price: Most PC manufacturers produce these small computers now; so there is lots of competition. That is great for the consumer. You can find a Mini PC Laptop for less than $300.00.

Size: The small size means that it is easy and convenient to carry around. It means that it does not take up much room in your suitcase or backpack. These Netbooks actually fit on an airplane tray table.

Efficient: Because of its size, it uses less power. Thus, you can use it longer and more often without a battery charge. You will be more efficient because it is fast and easy to get it up and running where ever you are.

New Opportunities: Lugging around a huge PC is NOT fun, so many have just left their old laptops at home. However, this small mini PC is actually easy to bring around. You will have more opportunities to stay in contact with friends, customers and clients. You can easily look things up while on the road.

Cool Features: Many MINI laptops come with HDMI output, WI-FI technology, camera for video chatting and GPS capabilities.

The keyboard is a little smaller than regular size and the screen is of course also a bit smaller. So if you have large hands or bad eyes, this may not be for you. Many also do not have a CD/DVD player built in so you would have to buy that separately.

Anyway, if you are traveling a lot around town, or around the world, and like to stay connected and stay in touch, MINI Laptop may be for you. If you want to check out these cool, small laptops, search for 'laptop mini' in Hevanet's PC Store, or check out PC Mall, CompUSA, TigerDirect, or

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